September 13, 2014 by Jarett in Alexandra - I was drawn into this story from the very first page because it started with a sequence that went right to the heart of the story. I loved the characters because they seemed so real and a part of their surroundings without fading into them. The dialogue felt modern in tone but still seemed to fit the time and people who were using it. This was just a really great story that held me enthralled and in a world that was part of a time I could only imagine. Each element flowed into the next keeping it moving as you met new characters and found out more information about the inhabitants of the town.




After a devastating event that changed both their lives, Alexandra and her brother Hugh turn to stealing in order to get revenge on the man that destroyed their lives. But neither of them are prepared for the day when everything changes, and the lawless life they’ve been carrying out is irrevocably altered. When he agreed to accompany the shipment of money into Kansas for his latest benefactor, Jarett never thought that anyone would dare to try and steal it from him. He realizes he was greatly mistaken when he comes face to face with two thieves, and the robbery goes horribly wrong. Now on the hunt for the boy that shot him, he is determined to uncover the bandits and have his revenge before moving further west. Jarett isn’t ready for the stonewall he comes face to face with when dealing with the townspeople though. Nor is he prepared for the enigmatic Alexandra Harris when she appears in the mercantile. Determined to get closer to Alexandra, he’s thrown off by her insistent refusal of him. Fighting against her growing attraction to a man she knows would prefer to see her hung if he uncovered the truth, Alexandra tries to stay far away from Jarett. The more they are forced together though, the more she realizes that the man she considers her enemy is the only one that could save her ravaged heart… If he doesn’t kill her first.