A Stolen Heart

Kindle Edition

After a devastating event changes their lives, Alexandra and her brother Hugh are determined to get revenge on the man who tore their world apart.

Neither are prepared for the day their lawless life is irrevocably altered.

Jarett agrees to accompany a shipment of money into Kansas with the belief that no one would try to steal from him. When he comes face to face with two thieves, and things go horribly wrong, he is determined to find the boy who shot him. He’s not prepared for the stone wall he encounters while dealing with the townspeople, nor is he prepared for the enigmatic Alexandra Harris and his growing desire for her.

Knowing Jarett would see her hung if he uncovered the truth, Alexandra is determined to avoid him. However, the more they’re forced together, the more she realizes the man she considers her enemy may be the only one who can save her ravaged heart…

If he doesn’t kill her first.

I haven't read an historical be for a long time but when I saw this one I decided to buy it and have a read. I am so glad that I did as it was an excellent read. The characters were strong and engaging, they drew you in from the very beginning. The story flowed really well and at no point was I bored. Jarrett and Alex were perfect together and their journey together was a delight to enjoy. I hope to read more about the other characters.

Peta Benjamin

I normally do not read anything but Paranormal but anything Brenda K Davies writes, I WILL read, without even glancing at the blurb! Alex and Jarrett are perfect together.I have to say, I would love for Hugh to get his own story.. there was just something about him that peeked my interest... I loved the whole wild wild west theme.. No matter what Genre you normally read I HIGHLY suggest you pick this up...


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