Whispers of Ruin

A Tempest of Shadows

(Tempest of Shadows, Book 1)


I’m not sure what to expect after being away from Tempest for over a year, but the once thriving realm has deteriorated beneath the leadership of its new ruler.

I made a promise to my dead king to look over Tempest if something happened to him, but after surviving Doomed Valley, I’m done with politics and war.

Until unexpected events change everything.


I don’t always have the best ideas, but when I donned a hood to steal from the rich and give to the poor, I thought I was doing the right thing—until I made the mistake of robbing the son of a duke.

Forced to work with Ryker to hunt for me, my biggest worry is keeping the truth of my identity from him. That is until our new king unleashes something terrible on Tempest.

With everything crumbling around me, I only feel safe with one immortal… the man who is the biggest threat to my freedom.

Return to the Shadow Realms. A world where immortals unleash lightning, dark fae seduce, witches cast their spells, dragons rule the skies… and the legend of Robin Hood comes alive in a new way.

***The Tempest Series is a spinoff of the Shadow Realms series. You do not have to read the Shadow Realms series to follow this one.

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