The Road to Hell Series, Book 2


As the perilous journey across a country I believed destroyed begins, I no longer know who I am or what I’m becoming.

With every passing day, my abilities grow stronger, as does my fear of what comes next. My only certainties are that I will do anything to avoid becoming like Lucifer, and I will protect those I love… even if it means protecting them from me.


With an unknown number of enemies between us and the gateway, protecting River proves to be more difficult than I anticipated, but I won’t stop until I destroy Lucifer and reclaim River’s heart.

I’ll never let anything keep us apart—not even her.

When an attack leaves our troops vulnerable, I realize there are things I can never share with River… even if it means those secrets tear us apart.

In the second book of the Road to Hell series, Davies takes the 'special task forces' on a critical mission to close a portal between dimensions. She crafts suspense, fantastical 'scary creatures' nightmares are made of that keep us bobbing and weaving along with the characters to survive. I truly love the way Brenda Davies builds new world environs for readers to explore. She mixes a variety of mythology or lore into carefully created characters who are unique and memorable. River and Kobol's relationship is still developing but Davies expands her cast of characters as well as adding to personalities of character favorites you already admire, fear and identify with during the story. I want to know what they will do next, so . . I read on . . . definitely a good read


This book was just thrilling! All of the "obstacles" they have to face on their journey to the gate of hell are very well placed and add so much to the story! I love how River has not lost her love of humanity and still goes above and beyond to help her fellow human soldiers no matter what, that all life is important to her, even though she's part demon and has claimed Kobal, the rightful king of hell, as her chosen mate. I also like that her angel powers have gotten stronger and she's able to wield that as a weapon as well. It's all very interesting and I can't wait to read The Road and find out what happens to them all, especially if she has to face her "father" Lucifer, who she refers to as a distant ancestor.....

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