Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth Series, Book 1


It’s been fourteen years since the gateway to Hell opened and life as I knew it ceased to exist. Taken in by a group of humans, I’ve managed to survive in the Wilds. Now I have a chance to do more than survive while building a better life for all Wilders. Unfortunately, it means doing the one thing I never believed I would do—joining with the demons I’ve always considered my enemies.
Working with demons wouldn’t be a horrible prospect except it means dealing with Corson. The irritating demon who manages to get under my skin until I’m not sure if I’d rather kill him or kiss him. The closer I get to him, the more memories of my long-buried past slip free, leaving me uncertain of what’s real and what’s not…or even of who I am.


I’d thought joining with the Wilders to hunt down the creatures that escaped Hell was a job I’d enjoy. Not only do I get to kill my enemies, but I also have a chance to get closer to Wren. I wasn’t expecting the stubborn woman to go out of her way to avoid me.
Cut off from our allies, Wren has no choice but to work with me. However, the more time we spend together, the more I realize that though she would prefer me dead, there’s nothing I won’t do to keep her safe. When a lethal new threat rises, I begin to fear keeping Wren alive may be impossible.

***The Hell on Earth series is a spin-off of the Road to Hell series. You do not have to read the Road to Hell Series to follow this series, but it is recommended that the Road to Hell Series be read first to avoid spoilers and to understand the characters better. Each book in this series will focus on different characters and should be read in order.***

I knew I would love this book after reading the first Road to Hell series. This book has it all: stubborn strong characters with hilarious smart retorts that will have you rolling with laughter, and then sweet intimate moments that will have you shedding tears, and passion that will rock your core, and excitement around every turn, and also anger toward some really nasty demons on "horses". Wren is by far my favorite character in all these series so far! She keeps you guessing and she's not predictable at all which keeps it intriguing and more exciting! And what she goes through at the end was my favorite part! I highly recommend this book and the Road to Help series before this one.

Kindle Customer

I am completely in love with this book and can't wait for the rest of the series! I wasn't sure how it could even compare to River and Kobal but it did in a new way. I loved Corson already and this just sealed the deal. I can't say enough good things. Brenda K. Davies you are just pure genius. I love all of your books and you never disappoint. Thank you for these wonderful escapes you give us!

Kim Jufer

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