Into Hell

The Road to Hell Series, Book 4


When I find myself face to face with Lucifer, I realize what he wants from me could annihilate Hell and Earth.

I would do anything for those I love, but with the fate of the world resting on my shoulders, I’m not sure I can stop him from destroying us all.


As the battle for Hell rages, the line between enemies and allies blurs.

I will do whatever it takes to protect River and destroy Lucifer, but with everything around us unraveling, many will be lost.

Find out who will survive in the epic conclusion to The Road to Hell Series.

Omg! Wow. Thinking is so hard right now. We pick up fought where the last book left us. War and battles. We get questions answered and it blew me away but also tied in nicely. So much info in this book. It was also heartbreaking. Lots of death. However we get the end to one battle and the opening to the spin off series. I am sad to see the end of River but so happy with where the story leaves us. Once again you made a magical world that I want to live in. Thanks Brenda.

Kindle Customer

This book is by far the best book in the whole series! And that is saying something because the series itself is excellent! This is what a finale should be; loose ends are tied up and questions are answered. I could not put it down! There is excitement, sex, action, sadness, laughter..... and did I mention sex!? The scene in chapter 43 about blew my socks off! That is how a sex scene should be written! Hot! Lol! The world she has created is so intriguing. It is a complex world you can lose yourself in. I was very sad when I finished the book but I am excited to be able to stay in this magical world with the upcoming spinoffs. Do yourself a favor and read this series!


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