Vampire Awakenings, Book 7

Since the day he stopped aging, Aiden has struggled against the darkness trying to claim him. He no longer denies he’s fighting a losing battle, he’s just hoping someone kills him before he gives in to the savage nature dwelling within him. Just when he believes he’ll lose the battle, he encounters Maggie, and for the first time in years, he has hope for his future.

Having grown up without a stable home, Maggie enjoys the security she’s worked hard to attain. Everything changes the night Aiden ends up in her ambulance. Now, not only does Maggie stand to lose everything she’s achieved, she’s beginning to think the mother she considered insane might not be.

With everything she knows torn away, Maggie realizes the more she loses, the more she might gain if she gives her trust to Aiden. However, when circumstances force them apart, Aiden is unsure if Maggie will be enough to bring him back from the darkness ravaging his soul.

100,000 words. 360 pages.

***Due to sexual content, violence, and language, this book is recommended for readers 18+ years of age.***

Brenda K. Davies did it again with the continuing story of the Byren family. This time it was Aiden he was fighting demons to stay sane. Being a purebred vampire is no fun after you reach maturity. Finding a mate is the only thing that can save him. Maggie Doe an EMT was with a strong stomach. Maggie doesn't have any family beside Roger her mentor and friend. Maggie has lived a hard life for someone so young but she is a survivor. Meeting Aiden could be the best or worst thing that could have ever happened to her. Davies wrote a book that is fantastic you can't wait to read the next page, then book.

Karen Voliva

Vampire Awakenings is one of my FAVORITE series! I look forward to each new book and read it far too quickly 🙁 Having read the entire series I've watched each character grow up and develop as intriguing individuals. I love how the author brings back characters from previous books so we get to know what's going on with that person. I can't wait for Bound by Vengeance, I'm anxious to see what transpires between Vicky & Nathan 😉


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