The Complete Hell on Earth Series

(Hell on Earth Series, books 1-4)

The Complete Hell on Earth Series bundle includes all four books in the series.

Book 1: Hell on Earth


It’s been fourteen years since the gateway to Hell opened and life as I knew it ended.

I managed to survive the Wilds, but now I have a chance to build a better world for all Wilders. Unfortunately, it means working with the demons I’ve always considered my enemies.


I assumed joining the Wilders to hunt down the creatures that escaped Hell was a job I’d enjoy.

Not only can I kill my enemies, but I also have a chance to get closer to Wren. I wasn’t expecting the stubborn woman to go out of her way to avoid me.


Book 2: Into the Abyss


Born behind a seal, I never experienced anything beyond those four walls until I was freed from my prison.

On Earth, the other demons see the jinn as nothing but monsters; however, they don’t know the jinn as well as they think. I’m beginning to realize I don’t either.

I find myself torn between loyalty to my kind and the anguish of those who remain free when the jinn unleash a trap to ensnare most of the palitons in the Abyss.


Book 3: Kiss of Death


Volunteering to work at the wall wasn’t my life’s goal, but in this new world, the dreams of old are things of the past… especially when I discover I’m part demon.

I embraced my demon side and the freedom it offered—until it led me straight to Hawk. Now I find myself bound to a man I don’t even know. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to process this new development before the horsemen and angels tear my world apart.


It was only supposed to be a quick trip to the wall before returning to the Wilds… but meeting Aisling changed everything.

On the hunt for our enemies, I have no choice but to bring her with me into the Wilds. However, I wasn’t expecting our pursuit to lead us straight into the minotaur’s trap.

Now that we’re the hunted, can we escape its labyrinth and destroy the horsemen, or will we be lost in the maze forever?

Book 4: Edge of the Darkness


Dreams of the darkness have haunted me since childhood. I always assumed one day I would uncover the answer to what the darkness hid… and that those answers would destroy me.

However, after learning who my mate is, I know it won’t be the darkness that kills me… it will be him.

No matter what happens, I plan to take Wrath with me when I die.


I wasn’t prepared to discover my Chosen in the tempting, red-haired paliton, but now that I’ve found her, I’m not letting her go… even if she’d prefer to see me dead.

Determined to make Bale bow to my will, I wasn’t expecting the turn of events that thrusts us into a situation far deadlier than any I’ve ever encountered. Nor was I expecting to fall for the infuriating beauty.

She may want to kill me, but she will be mine… unless the answers to what lay within the darkness destroy us both first.

Find out if Bale and Wrath turn from enemies to lovers in the action-packed conclusion to the Hell on Earth series.

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