Vampire Awakenings, Book 5

Desperation drives Abigail Byrne to contact the man she’s determined to forget… even if it might leave her with a broken heart.

It’s been six years since she laid eyes on Brian, but she’s been unable to get him out of her thoughts and dreams. However, when her twin sister disappears, Abby’s forced to ask him to help find Vicky.

Brian’s life as a vampire has consisted of little more than killing and death for the last two hundred years. He’s convinced kindness and love have no place in his world until he hears Abby’s frantic plea for help. Unable to refuse her request, Brian agrees to search for Abby’s sister.

As the hunt for Vicky progresses, Brian does everything he can to deny his growing feelings for Abby. However, the further they delve into her sister’s disappearance, the more determined he becomes to protect her from the horrors they uncover.

Will they find Vicky before it’s too late, or will the truth of what they discover destroy them first?

This story is one of my favorites I love to see a character get a second chance. Brian is always their to help but he follows his own rules and he loves every minute of it. This book will show you how powerful find your soulmate can be. Abigail has known what he is for years and she will take her chance to save her sister. Relationships take time to build but love has a way of making that ride frustration and fun. This book has everything you need and once you finish you’ll know why we love bad boys. 5 stars*


I LOVE LOVE this book!! To me, it is the best in the series so far. Loads of erotica, which is fantastic. The characters, the author makes you love them or loathe them. And to the appropriate characters. You get lost in the story and find yourself staying up way to late to see how the characters are doing. I think I slept read a few nights. Grab this book and begin. And then grab the rest of the series and take as much time as you need to come back to reality. It will be worth the bags under your eyes. Oh, your welcome. 🙂

Katie C.

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