Vampire Awakenings, Book 3

Ethan has spent his entire life hiding violent urges from his family.

They think he’s just antisocial; what they don’t know is he struggles every day against his growing desire to kill. Hoping a change of scenery will help, he escapes to Bermuda to join Isabelle and Stefan.

He’s not expecting Emma to walk into his life and give him the first peace he’s known in years. However, the solace he finds with her is soon shattered when someone from Emma’s past returns to claim her. 

When Emma’s life is threatened, Ethan realizes the only way to protect her is to give in to the brutal nature he’s fought so hard to contain.

Is the promise of eternity with Emma enough to save him from the demon within, or will he be lost to his savage nature forever?

Ok, so we finally find out why Ethan was so set against interaction with humans. Yikes. Crazy. Just him or is it more? Throw in a vacation and him maybe finding his mate. Things are about to tailspin. Our female MC is down to earth but has no idea about Vamps, obvs. When she learns she freaks the crap out and shuts Ethan out if her life. She doesn't know he can't live without her and he won't take away her free choice. Things are heating up when an old flame comes to kill and ruin things. Will we see what a pure blood is capable of when their mate is threatened? I think we will.

Amazon Customer

This series is simply perfect. I have all four books and number five reserved for the day it comes out next month and I can't wait. I've read them all at least a half dozen times and I never read a book twice. I really enjoyed reading Ethan's story. You get to know him a little in Destined but in this one you really get to understand his behavior in that one. He's a tortured man who wants nothing more than to be a good man. He feels like killing all the time but once he meets Emma that all changes. He can finally breathe, relax, and be the man you always knew he could be. While all the books have a similar storyline of finding your soulmate and completing the bond to keep the male sane, you won't get bored with this one.


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